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about us

We created a robust pricing engine platform that incorporates all of the features required to implement scalable consumer direct marketing – this is why we state: “Everything Else Is Just A Pricing Engine”. In advance of a declining market LoanTek offers more value and surpasses the competition.

Retail mortgage managers ask yourself this one simple question: Does my pricing engine help me grow my business?

Wholesale lenders – does your pricing engine only deliver your rates and matrices to your lending partners? Does it help you build your mutual pipelines?

LoanTek was designed by mortgage originators for mortgage originators. The platform is easy to use, and gives lenders and loan officers what they need to be successful. Our pricing engine is integrated into every aspect of the lead management platform and provides originators the tools to reach real estate consumers who are actively pursuing financing.

Consider changing to a platform designed for profitability in the changing real estate market. A platform that not only delivers mortgage pricing but also delivers consumer ‘immediate gratification’.

In the rest of the web site you will see how the LoanTek Suite of services can seamlessly integrate in to your operation to produce more loans for your company and your originators. The market is not standing still. Take advantage of the LoanTek platform now; you’ll be glad you did.


Adam Stein
CEO of LoanTek.com

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