Three Key Components of a Powerful Online Origination Platform

Three Key Components of a Powerful Online Origination Platform

Three Key Components of a Powerful Online Origination Platform

Today’s homebuyers are seeking quicker and more efficient methods of securing a mortgage. Time is a precious commodity for modern families. And choosing between shopping for competitive interest rates online versus a time-consuming visit to a lender’s brick and mortar location is not a tough decision to make. Perhaps that’s why a recent report conducted by Fannie Mae revealed that 64% of… continue reading

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Are You Posting the Right Social Content to the Right Social Platform?

As an online originator, social media can be an excellent net for capturing and moving potential leads into your funnel. However, it’s not always intuitive which type of content on which social platform will drive the most traffic to your website. In this blog, we will give you the current content trends for each major platform so that you and capture and convert more mortgage leads.


Video is the best performing content on Facebook. This comes as no surprise since Facebook has been so focused on promoting video content with its addition of embeddable video in 2015 and Facebook Live in 2016. When you create video content for Facebook, remember, shorter is better. Recently the platform began recommending that marketers focus on videos that are 15 seconds long or shorter.


Even though Twitter started as the home of exactly 140 characters, images have overtaken Twitter’s Haiku beginnings. In fact, the company has publicly stated since 2014 that tweets with images garner the most retweets. Today, you’ll often see tweets with images that contain text to supplement the infamously short character limit.


Born as a platform for editing and sharing images, Instagram has morphed into a premier platform for long-form posts. The trend started in 2014 when a few prominent photojournalists began sharing details of photos and stories from the field that didn’t make it into print. Their amazing photos and 300-word descriptions helped to create a new kind of content for Instagram, and the popularity of long-form posting grew from there. Try using your Instagram to repurpose content from your website or blog to see if this approach is right for you.


On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can assume you are talking to someone in between photos of their baby nephew and their friend’s cats. In that context, a post that comes right out and tries to sell something feels jarring and out of place. The great thing about LinkedIn is it’s the one social media platform where directly selling yourself is socially appropriate. So, go ahead. Tell them that you’re the expert on mortgage origination and let them know that you’re available to help. Strengthen your case with an educational infographic and well-written call to action to seal the deal.

For all your marketing efforts, matching the right message to the right platform is critical to generating mortgage leads. Follow the above guide to tailor your content for the greatest impact.

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5 Tips for Writing Strong Calls-to-Action that Generate Mortgage Leads

Marketing should be both entertaining and informative, but in order to generate mortgage leads it has to compel people to take action. That’s why a strong call to action (CTA) is imperative to your marketing efforts. If your calls to action are not compelling or, worse, non-existent (one study noted that up to 70% of small B2B websites do not even have one call to action), you’ll be hard pressed to create and convert mortgage leads. This blog contains our best tips for writing strong calls to action. (Good design and placement are also crucial to a successful call to action. Look for tips on that in a future blog.)

1. Choose the Right Verb

All marketing aims to create action. You’re trying to tap into the emotions of your potential lead or borrower and compel them to choose you for their mortgage. Choosing the right verb is crucial in getting people to do what you ask. It is a delicate dance. Just like in a courtship, neither you nor your prospective borrower want to appear desperate, pushy, or off-putting. Your verb choice should perfectly match your desired outcome and it should be clear and compelling.

Weak Verb ChoiceStrong Verb Choice
Drink SodaEnjoy Soda
Try it nowGive it a try
Sign upGet started
Learn moreDiscover the difference

2. Create a Feeling of Scarcity or Exclusivity

Another way to make your call to action stronger is to create a fear of missing out (a.k.a. FOMO). (With the lack of real estate inventory we’re experiencing in 2017, this one should be easy for mortgage originators to apply.) Traditional marketers have been using the scarcity tactic for decades to re-enforce a consumer’s feelings of need and urgency (i.e. limited time offer, while supplies last, etc.) A more modern approach is to offer an instant exclusive reward or benefit by clicking on the call to action. Loan seekers will be much more likely to give you their valuable email address if you can offer them access to instant best execution loan pricing.

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3 Current Email-Marketing Trends

In terms of ROI, email is still one of the most reliable marketing channels. It has also seen significant improvements in recent years. With these new capabilities, you can now create email campaigns that are even more personalized and engaging for your mortgage leads and borrowers. In this blog, we identify three current email-marketing trends and improvements that will help you reach your intended target and convert more leads into loans.

1. Interactive Emails

By creating email campaigns that look and feel like a webpage interaction, you can remove a critical barrier between your borrower and your website. For example, placing your loan pricing engine into the email body and designing it to present as it does on your website, your intended target may feel more compelled to interact just because the look and feel of the email is more accessible. This may also deepen your brand story by offering a more consistent customer experience as they move across different platforms. If you were presented with a button that reads, “Get your mortgage rate quote,” or you were presented with an actual cutting-edge loan-pricing engine, which choice would be more compelling? If you invest in making your emails more interactive, your recipients will perceive added value with fewer barriers. That will go a long way towards converting a lead into a loan.

2. Video Content

The most important content in digital marketing today is Video Content. In fact, online video accounts for 74% of all online traffic, and 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. The upsides to including video content in your marketing are seemingly endless. However, until recently, including video in your emails used to require third-party plugins to serve your emails across multiple email service providers and multiple operating systems. This costly and complicated barrier made it less attractive to include video content in the email-marketing channel. But with the introduction of HTML5 and Apple’s release of iOS10, it is now easier than ever to embed video in your emails across multiple email clients and multiple operating systems. Entertaining and informative video content will help you capture and retain the attention of your potential borrower.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are being used more and more within email marketing channels as more sophisticated AI technology and APIs allow for nearly seamless integration. Until recently, chatbots would handle light duty tasks like providing an automated reply when a command is texted. But with better language recognition, chatbots can easily handle some of your customer service right in your borrowers inbox. As the AI chatbot learns more from interacting with your borrowers, it can create follow-up emails, answer questions, and invite readers to try your loan pricing engine or sign up for a quote utilizing personalized messaging gleaned from the chat.

As you keep pushing your marketing efforts further into cutting-edge territory, don’t forget to bring your email channel into the future. Email is still a digital marketing mainstay, and with these new technologies and trends, it looks like it will be for a bit longer.


Rise Above the Noise and Generate More Leads With Video

Online Originators: Rise Above the Noise and Generate More Leads With Video

According to the
Nielsen Company’s Q4 2016 Audience Report, Americans are averaging over 10 hours of screen time per day – 10 hours and 39 minutes to be precise. This is up from 9 hours and 39 minutes over the previous year. As an online originator, how do you rise above the constant barrage of information and draw potential borrowers into your funnel? One effective way is through creating video content, but not just any content. Here are 3 tips on creating video content that will not only get you seen in this expanding digital universe, but will also generate more mortgage leads.

1. Create Thumb-Stopping Social Content

If you want to generate leads, your first job is to keep your potential borrower from scrolling past your content. But this is a tall order, no matter which channel you’re using. In today’s world, it’s impossible to fully absorb every bit of information that we are exposed to on a daily basis. And this was true even before digital technology became a way of life. So, how do you stop a potential borrower from scrolling past your content? Even though we are exposed daily to a lot of different sensory inputs, we are primarily visual creatures. Ninety percent of all information sent to the brain is visual. Therefore, your video content should be eye-catching and engaging. Take the time to find the right team to create your content. And even if you produce it in-house, make sure you execute a fresh concept while staying on brand. Your video content has to convey to your demographic that you are the only online mortgage originator that understands their needs. And it has to do all of this in about 60 seconds or less.

Read number 2 and 3 and watch video

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