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A Mortgage Originator’s Guide to Paid Marketing on Facebook (Part 3 of 4)

In our first two blogs of this four-part series, we discussed how Facebook’s updated newsfeed algorithm has caused organic reach for online marketers to steadily decline, forcing more and more online marketers to embrace Facebook’s pay-to-play options. Since, Facebook is still the most demographically rich and largest social media platform in the world with nearly 2 billion active users, purchasing ads and boosting posts has become a routine part of many originators’ digital strategies. In this third blog of our four-part series, we will provide a high-level overview of Facebook’s Ads Manager platform and some best practices for creating ads on the platform so that you have the tools needed to generate more leads while giving your followers entertaining and informative content.

What is Facebook’s Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager is a robust tool offered to business pages for purchasing ad space, ad creation, ad scheduling and management, and ad performance analyses. It is a more sophisticated option for advertising on Facebook versus boosting posts. Facebook ads include more features like: a call-to-action button, behavior targeting, and placement options. Let’s take a closer look at Facebook’s ad creation process and some best practices.

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Three Trends in 2018 That Will Drive the Mortgage Market

On Sept. 21, Freddie Mac’s Economic and Housing Research Group released their outlook report for 2018. In it is key information for mortgage originators to strategize for the coming year. Here are three trends that the report predicts:

1. Increase in Purchase Mortgage Volume

With year-to-date home sales at their highest rate in a decade, expect an increase in demand for your origination business. However, limited inventory will continue to be a problem. With existing homeowners more likely to stay put, mortgage originators should expect new home sales to drive the growth in purchases. The report predicts average U.S. house price growth of 4.9 percent in 2018. (You can use that information to encourage prospective homebuyers that they will immediately earn equity on their new homes.)

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Pricing Engines – Software Solutions to Help Buyers in a Seller’s Market

More Than a Pricing Engine: Software Solutions to Help Buyers in a Seller’s Market

A monthly index measuring signed contracts to buy existing homes fell 2.6% in August 2017 compared to July 2017. That is the fifth drop in the past six months and below expectations. According to a September 26th article by Diana Olick of CNBC, a top Realtors economist has issued a warning that the housing market has “stalled.” The National Association of Realtors’ so-called pending home sales index is now down the same amount compared to August of 2016, hitting the lowest levels since January of 2016.

“August was another month of declining contract activity because of the one-two punch of limited listings and home prices rising far above incomes,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the Realtors in a release. “Demand continues to overwhelm supply in most of the country, and as a result, many would-be buyers from earlier in the year are still in the market for a home, while others have perhaps decided to potentially postpone their search.”

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Buyer Traffic

2017: An Outstanding Year for Buyer Traffic – Here’s How to Harness It

2016 was a skittish year for the U.S. housing market. According to Forbes staff writer Samantha Sharf in her article “Housing Outlook 2017: Eight Predictions From The Experts,” analysts anticipated a pickup in building activity at the start of 2017. Instead, builders are still not producing enough homes. At the same time, home prices appreciated beyond expectations and mortgage rates hit record lows before crossing 4% for the first time in two years. Nevertheless, Sharf is quick to point out that, on balance, 2016 was a pretty good year for housing: “National prices finally crossed the previous 2006 peak, mortgage rates remained historically low and there were signs that Millennials, a generation which some feared would never buy homes, are beginning to enter the market.”

Nationally, the REALTORS® Buyer Traffic Index (64) indicates that buyer demand was stronger in August 2017 compared to conditions in the same month last year. Meanwhile, supply remained generally tight, with the REALTORS® Seller Traffic Index remaining below 50 (47). Nineteen states had the highest levels of the index, indicating that buyer traffic was very strong, led by Washington, Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, Tennessee, Michigan, Kentucky, and Hawaii.

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Mortgage CRM and pricing engine

Easy Tips: Origination Suite

Use These Easy Tips to Supercharge your Online Origination Suite

In today’s hyper-competitive mortgage origination market, your online mortgage origination suite must be swift, seamless, and integrated. An independent survey reported that more than 40% of mortgage seekers who transacted with an online lender went with the first lender to contact them. If your online suite is not integrated with cutting-edge tools like a mortgage CRM and a mortgage pricing engine, you may be losing business to online originators with sharper tools in their online origination suites.

Ease and speed of communication is everything in boosting your online origination business. Pay attention to the following tips and watch your lead-to-loan conversion cycle take off.

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