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Thank you for being a LoanTek customer. As you are aware LoanTek continually seeks to improve lead conversion and return on investment. We have created this directory not just a quick reference to lead vendors; but, more importantly, to provide the criteria by which you may identify various differentiators between lead providers and their product offerings. The differences between lead sources with respect to: cost, exclusivity (the number of times a lead is sold), self-sourced lead production, lead aggregation, return policies, and other lead sales attributes, should help you make informed and intelligent lead buying decisions. There is no greater starting or ending point in the pursuit of increased return on investment than to identify the correct leads that work best for both your budget and your sales force.

“The better a lender understands the specifics of the type of lead they acquire, – The dynamics of how the lead was originated and sold – The better their chance of success.”

Best Rate Referrals
BrokerMatch, Inc., LLC
Lead Planet
RGR Marketing
Listing Booster (Suited Connector, LLC)

If your company is integrated with our LoanTek’s software and do not see your company please fill out this form. If your company wants to become a lead provider within LoanTek’s software please call 1-855-733-0700 or email

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