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As mortgage originators face the daunting task of converting mortgage loan leads to a steady stream of new loans, robust and affordable solutions for lead management are vital to their success. LoanTek Lead Management Software simplifies, streamlines, and speeds up lead management, giving loan originators a comprehensive solution to connect with borrowers and to convert mortgage loan leads.

Give loan officers everything they need to close. LoanTek Lead Management Software brings detailed lead information to their fingertips with customizable data fields, color-coding, and filters. Send unlimited emails with an easy-to-use email blast and campaign design platform built in to the Lead Management Software.

Emails can be automated to go out weekly, monthly, or after a lead is put in a certain status or filter. All emails are both desktop and mobile friendly, so you can stay connected with borrowers, realtors, and builders on-the-go. LoanTek Lead Management Software also allows you to monitor email opens and link clicks. This helps you determine when borrowers are most likely to take action and time your follow-up calls accordingly.

With LoanTek Lead Management Software, you can:

  • View new leads within 15 seconds
  • Communicate efficiently with borrowers, realtors, and builders
  • Instantly review email success via open and click rates
  • Monitor lead status, lead progress, and closes
  • Determine effectiveness of lead sources and sales team members
  • Use with LoanTek Pricing Services to instantly notify borrower of their desired loan rate or a 1% reduction in rate to their previously closed loan

Compatible and complimentary with both LoanTek Pricing Engine Solution and LoanTek CRM Tool, LoanTek Lead Management Software saves time and money by simplifying and streamlining lead management.

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