Lock Desk Manager

LoanTek’s Mortgage Lock Desk Manager

Managing rate locks, compensation, margins, and overlays has never been easier. LoanTek’s pricing engine feature ‘Lock Desk Manager’ is an innovative and intuitive lock management system. Lock Desk Manager provides unparalleled convenience and efficiency in managing pricing rules and mortgage rate locks across all of your lenders. LoanTek’s best execution pricing engine allows the user to efficiently manage overlays, compensation, produce best execution rate sheets, and more.

LoanTek’s Lock Desk Manager streamlines the process of managing mortgage rate locks by displaying all of your current and future mortgage rate locks, for all lenders, in one easy to use interface. The ability to view and manage all of your rate locks in one screen provides efficiency while ensuring that your best execution pricing is being applied. Our mortgage pricing engine provides access to historical pricing for each of your lenders, and allows easy access to best execution pricing results.

Exceptional secondary market management and record keeping is a simple as a few clicks of your mouse. LoanTek’s document management saves you time and supports uploading and attaching documentation directly into the client file – giving you the ability to attach and share associated lock documentation instantly.

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