Mortgage Pricing Engine Featuring LoanPricer ™

LoanPricer ™ the Mortgage Pricing Engine from LoanTek

LoanPricer ™ the Mortgage Pricing Engine puts you in charge by giving you a powerful central hub to manage loan offers for all of your current and prospective borrowers. It provides you with your best pricing, immediately and automatically, without wasting time searching multiple investors’ websites to find the best pricing for your leads and customers. With a single button click our pricing engine solution provides you with your best execution pricing. This invaluable set of tools is available to every branch loan officer that has a LoanTek seat license. When combined with LoanTek’s lead management software you can stay in constant contact with your leads by sending them updated pricing information specific to their borrowing needs.

The LoanTek Mortgage Pricing Engine contains several innovative tools that will help you manage your time more efficiently by allowing you to focus more on your clients and less on managing offers from your investors. In today’s high speed world, responding quickly to leads can mean the difference between conversion and churn. Our pricing engine includes website integration tools that will help your website visitor’s get rates anytime and anywhere.

Our innovative pricing engine uses an auto quoting feature to generate exclusive leads on advertising sites like Zillow, Bankrate and LendingTree, by sending your best execution to multiple lenders, and presenting your best mortgage offers to consumers on your website, your affiliates’ websites, Zillow, Bankrate, Lending Tree, and more. The pricing engine can considers multiple lenders or just your own lending institution automatically.

For an even more streamlined process, integrate your Loan Origination Suite (LOS) with LoanTek and easily keep your borrower updated with vital information and pricing.

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